Sugar and sweeteners.

Sugar, fruit-based Concentrates and other Sweeteners


Sugar is an active and important ingredient in nearly all products. Sugar's natural properties are utilized industrially, as sugar emphasizes the product's own taste. Today there are several options when it comes to sweetening the taste of your product, even if you want to minimize the energy content of the finished product.

Berrifine offers an organic sugar and a variety of other products to sweeten with:


  • Organic sugar
  • Organic date concentrate
  • Organic and conventional date powder
  • Organic deionized juice concentrates (apple, pear and grape)
  • Organic glucose syrup


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  • Food ingredient
  • Natural sweet taste

Did you know that:

  • Honey was collected 12,000 years ago
  • Sugar came to Europe around 1100
  • Sugar became widespread in the 1700's
  • After 1800, sugar beet forms the basis for production

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