High Quality Throughout the Supply Chain from the Fruit to the Product

High quality is discovered in the taste and in the characterization of our product. High quality is also about where and how our product is produced. With over 40 years in the business, Berrifine has selected exceptional fruit growers, producers, and suppliers, which meet the strict requirements for quality assurance. When considering new suppliers and partners, quality management remains of equal importance. Our suppliers must meet all international and national standards. All legal requirements are met; as are those for environmental, ethics and food safety. Specific requirements vary from product to product, but all ensure and enhance the quality of the finished product. We monitor the products based on our own and customer-defined standards, and we conduct ongoing analyzes of our products sent for inspection by external accredited analysis companies. We also work closely with accredited organic control agencies around the world to ensure that our suppliers comply with the latest industry requirements/standards.

We ensure

  • Assesment of suppliers
  • Product monitoring
  • Traceability

Approved for

  • Organic

You can rely on us.