At Berrifine, we ensure that all products are packaged according to the customer's wishes and also comply with the requirements of EU legislation. It is most important that the packaging protects the high quality of the product during transport and distribution; as well as throughout the shelf life. Depending on product type and food safety aspects, we recommend:

• Poly and paper bags (1-25 kg)
• Cardboard boxes (1-20 kg)
• BIB (3-25 l)
• Viscotainer (1000 L)
• IBC (1000 L)
• Metal drums (180 - 275 L)
• Tank truck(20,000-25,000 L)

Juice, concentrate and purée can be filled cold and aseptic to sustain high quality, a longer shelf life and easy storage.


Special Wishes?

We will assist however we can to meet your order requirements and will also strive to meet/discuss your packaging needs. Contact us by phone or email to learn more.

Packaging must protect:

  • Product
  • Quality
  • Freshness
  • Color
  • Nutrients


  • Aseptic / sterile
  • Frozen
  • Bottling at home and abroad

You can rely on us.