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Horseradish - Medical plant of the year....

Blueberry - wild news....

The elderflowers are blooming...

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Another container of ginger is on the way!


Christmas 2020


We hereby inform you that our company will be closed from December 23rd

2020 until January 1st 2021.  


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!







Every year, the Danish-German Chamber of Commerce honors a Danish company

that has made a special contribution to Danish-German business relations with the

award "Danish Company of the Year". The three finalists for 2020 have been found,

and Berrifine has been nominated together with JYSK and TROLDTEKT.


The Danish-German Chamber of Commerce is an organization and sparring partner that,

in close collaboration with the German business community, collaborates with the German

authorities, professional organizations and associations on everything from law to PR.

"We are of course both honored and very proud of the nomination", says founder and

chairman of the board Jørgen Stølsgård. The voting takes place via the link below,

where you can also read more about the background.


10,000 tons of fruit a year

Berrifine is a Danish family-owned company that processes fruit for juice, concentrate,

pasta, powder and freeze-drying. The company was founded by Jørgen Stølsgård, and has

now been taken over by his two sons. Berrifine has under the name BERRIGARDEN GmbH

been on the German market since 2013. Berrifine is one of the only Danish companies

that has invested in the former East Germany.In recent years, the company has grown

with double-digit growth rates and expects the same growth in the coming years. With

the German production company Berrigarden, the company is close to the German supply chain.

50% of Berrifine's products are certified organic. And with increasing demand in the German

market for natural products, there is therefore a clear expectation of continued growth in



More info:




 Organic Elderflower Extract Powder - A sprinkle of summer...

Freeze-Dried Organic Elderflower Extract Powder is produced from

organic elderflower extract which is one of our absolute specialties. It is

made according to our own authentic recipe and old-fashioned method.

The process from flower to powder is designed to preserve natural flavors.

The love and use of elderflowers goes back to the beginning of times which is

easily understood when the elderflower trees bloom in the bright midsummer

night. The beautiful and fragrant flowers were used i the households and for

Medical purposes as well. The wild growing flowers were assessable to everybody

and luckily, they still are. Now as a delicious organic powder which will give your

product a tasty twist and tremendous sprinkle of summer…      


  • Natural - no added suger/carrier
  • Authentic
  • Original
  • Aromatic
  • Free flowing - hygroskopic
  • Blue Poly liner
  • 1- 5 kg
  • Dosage to taste approx. 1-2%


Application: Confectionery, bakery, dairy, snacks, ice cream, desserts






The 100% natural alternative to the sweet taste


Berrifine produces date pasta at our own specialty facility in

Germany, which has just been certified according to FSSC 22000.

We have developed our own unique recipes combining old

gastronomic traditions with the demands of modern consumers

and food manufacturers. We choose the raw material at selected

and reliable GFSI certified partners especially in North Africa.

We also offer pasta of apple, raisin, blueberry, cranberry and cherry.


Please contact us for further information.








Happy New Year! We are looking forward to meeting clients,

business associates and suppliers. See you at BIOFACH!





Christmas 2019

We hereby inform you that company will be closed from December 23rd

2019 until January 1st 2020. In order to guarantee delivery in week 2,

2020 we must receive your purchase orders no later than Wednesday

18th December 2019. Thank you in advance.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




Berrifine supports in 2019






Powder of Seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides)


So far, only powder from concentrate/puree has been available, but new

technology has made it possible to produce powder of the fruit itself.


Near the coast in wind and sea fog, in lean and sandy soil there is a

very tasteful growth; Seabuckthorn. It is a pearl of the north; but with

a taste like a rare exotic fruit from the tropics. Therefore, Seabuckthorn

has become a natural and significant part of the new Nordic kitchen.

The taste is acidic, citrus like, but the fruit develops a little sweetness

when the frost comes. Seabuckthorn has character, and is the perfect

counterpart to create a harmony with other ingredients in e.g.  jam,

juices, confectionery or other places where a spicy twist completes the



Seabuckthorn contains primarily vitamin C but also A, B, E and vitamin P.


Contact us for more information.







available as powder, NFC juice and juice




The Haskap berry (Canadian Honeyberry or Blue Honeysuckle) is

the newest among commercial berries but it has already regained

the ancient phrase: “The berry of long life and good vision”.

This is due to the significant content of antioxidants. Growers say the

content is three times the amount of blueberry. The flavor is commonly

described as a cross between raspberry, blueberry and blackcurrant

but with the texture of a kiwi.  


Haskap with the latin name Lonicera caerulea originate

in Siberia but is today primarily grown in Canada and Europe.

They grow on a bush similar to blueberry bushes.


A superfood bursting with Antioxidants


For good reason Haskap has quickly become the talk of the town. Haskap is

right now the most  obvious choice for first movers in product development.

It has high appeal in every way.


The health benefits of haskap berries have long been recognized in Japan.

Modern scientific studieshave supported this ancient claim with growing evidence

that it is indeed an extremely nutrient andantioxidant/polyphenol rich berry. Unlike

many other red and purple berries, not only the skin but alsothe flesh has a purple

color, hence the high content. Haskap also has high levels of Vitamin C and A,

fibre and potassium.  


HASKAP is a berry with great taste, texture

and superior health benefits




Visit us at ISM 2019, Cologne 27.-30. January


You will find us in hall II.I, stand no. A-0II 




Date powder – much more than sweetness



Date powder is a natural sweetener made from finely chopped, dried dates which are

grounded into a course, granular or finer powder according to customers specification.

Dates have been used in Middle Eastern cuisine for thousands of years. Worldwide,

dates are also long known as a sweet snack, loaded with nutritional benefits. In the

ingredient industry, a new application for dates is date powder. Some call it date sugar.

However, the product is natural and unrefined, and can be the obvious substitute for

processed sugar from beets or canes. Because the entire fruit is used the product has a

high content of dietary fibre. Date powder is light brown in color and sweet.  


Application: Confectionary, bars, chocolate, dairy and ice cream, bakery products


We offer:

10 kg/carton

Organic or conventional quality

Fine or course powder






Cold Brew Coffee is black in a completely new way!


  • Organic
  • Arabica
  • Aromatic
  • Rich
  • Trendy



Cold Brew Coffee is a technique where the taste becomes sweeter and more smooth.

All tones and taste nuances clearly emerge. It's coffee in a whole new way. The caffeine

content is higher due to the mixing ratio of coffee to water. Like with traditional coffee,

nuances and taste profile is highlighted of variety and method. It is difficult to determine

if roasting coffee is a science or an art, but there is no doubt that excellent craftsmanship

is essential. Selection of beans, temperature and duration of roasting is

the key to get the desired taste.


Application: Long drinks, Ice coffee, mix for drinks, Confectionary and desserts


We offer: 

BIB                     3,5,10 el. 20 L

Drum                  200 L

IBC                     1000 L


We are looking forward to present some of our new exciting products for Spring 2019.  Hope you will visit us at:


ISM 2019, Cologne 27-30 January

Meet us in hall II.I, stand no. A-0II 




Biofach 2019, Nuremberg 13-16 February

You will find us in i Halle 5, stand 5-11/ 5-119, 5-135

Hope to see you soon!




Newsletter from

Last year, the Food Administration (Ministry of Food & Agruculture) carried out a comprehensive control campaign on traceability in more than 2,000 food businesses. It showed that almost all the controlled food retailers and retailers carefully control who they are dealing with and where their goods are shipped. Thus, controlled food businesses had a total regulatory experience of 97.8 percent. 


Gazelle Prize

December 11, 2017 Every year, Dagbladet Børsen gives a selected number of companies in Denmark the Gazelle Prize. It is given to the companies that have performed well and have shown strong growth.  Gazelle can be held if the company has had a positive growth over four financial years, each year, and overall, doubled its turnover over the four years. Berrifine, has been awarded the Gazelle Prize in both 2016 and 2017.



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