Cacao (Theobroma Cacao) is a tree of the Malvacecae family. The natural habitat of the tree is in the Amazon, but Cacao is grown today in a larger area. We have found our own supplier in Peru at the gateway to the Amazon jungle. The cooperative was started by local enthusiasts and farmers who cultivate organic cocoa beans after ancient traditions with insight and respect for people and nature. Over the 50 years in which the cooperative has existed, it has been possible to build a state-of-the-art industrial production. Part of the production equipment comes from Europe. At the same time, it is high priority that crops are still cultivated in harmony with the environment. The result is an outstanding quality, where the ancient craftsmanship has been carefully brought to the present in a way that preserves the intense taste of the best of nature. The products are therefore very suitable for specialties and niche products at a very high level.

We can offer cocoa as: 

  • Beans
  • Powder
  • Nibs
  • Liquor (Mass)
  • Butter

  • Own supplier
  • Selected quality
  • Tradition and care

  • Cocoa was grown approx. 1400 BC
  • The Mayan culture used cocoa
  • Cocoa came to Europe in the 1600’s.

You can rely on us.